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Year of Release 2005. This year represents the turning of the tide.
Give us the humility to accept the things we cannot change, and give us the courage to change to change the things we can
and give us the wisdom to know the difference.
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The calculations for the carbon offset are based upon typical industry figures of carbon dioxide emissions using UK data. The number of trees associated with the carbon offset are based upon the absorbed carbon dioxide of a tree over a 40 year period and takes into account likely survival rates based upon research carried out during a pilot project in Gambia.

If anyone would like to advise trees for africa about any further technical data available on carbon offset then please inform us.

If you have any queries when inputing data and making a contribution please contact trees4africa.

Planting trees, however, is not an excuse to avoid your own responsibilities towards travel and green house emissions. Please seek to be responsible when taking holidays or using fuel – for further information have a look at the Green tourism business scheme website - - about how to reduce your environmental impact at home, in business or on holiday.
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To view and use the Carbon Calculator you will need Adobe Reader 7 - Click the Logo to download
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