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Year of Release 2005. This year represents the turning of the tide.
Give us the humility to accept the things we cannot change, and give us the courage to change to change the things we can
and give us the wisdom to know the difference.
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This partnership was started between Shetland Environmental Agency, Modou Colley Birdwatching, Mass Cham and the Senegambia Hotel, Faraba Nursery school, Exmoor Falconry and the support of the Green Tourism Business Scheme in the UK.

We started this back in 2005 and have since planted over 5000 trees. At the same time however we have lost many young and older ones and also some of our founding fathers. Mass Cham one of Africa’s most committed and professional birdwatchers and environmentalists died during the development of the programme and we are very sorry to have lost him. We retain some interviews with him on tape and hope to put them on this website if we continue. If one man can be remembered and linked to these trees it should be Mass and I hope we can all learn from his wisdom.

Since the initiation of the programme Senegambia and Exmoor falconry have changed and no longer are connected and the green tourism business scheme concentrates its actions in sustainable tourism accreditation and promotion.

Since we started this programme we have seen other initiatives develop such as the tree planting initiative operated by the Gambia Experience. This demonstrates how we can all be great catalysts for positive change and we hope that we might become more connected with their work in the future. Either way our commitment remains firm and Faraba, Modou and SEA Ltd will continue to support one another and seek other positive relationships such as the support from the forestry department.

We initiated this project primarily to demonstrate how easily responsible tourism operators and individuals could support positive action in a fair and equitable manner and in this I believe our programme remains a great success.

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No Regrets

I regret the patience I have shown to fools
& the ignorance I have shown to the wise?
No for were I less patient I would be more ignorant.

Jon Proctor - 2006