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Year of Release 2005. This year represents the turning of the tide.
Give us the humility to accept the things we cannot change, and give us the courage to change to change the things we can
and give us the wisdom to know the difference.
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The path is clear
True beauty near
The drops are sheer
But never fear
I am with you here

The night may fall
The wolves they call
They cannot catch you on the path
Don't cry good heart, laugh
As you walk along
Lift your heart with a song

"This is the path of release
This is the beginning of peace
A new dawn has risen
where no lies can be hidden
My path and my gifts are living"

It covers my personal adventures in Congo from 1989 meeting Douglas Adams and the last time I visited in 1994 together with the latest information from 2004 on the Janja Weed rebels from Sudan. The rebels are responsible for the genocide in Sudan and are also poaching in Garamba National Park, a world heritage site and home of the last 30 Nothern White Rhinos. These visits started as holidays but became journeys of self-discovery and lifestyle planning.