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Year of Release 2005. This year represents the turning of the tide.
Give us the humility to accept the things we cannot change, and give us the courage to change to change the things we can
and give us the wisdom to know the difference.
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The osprey is a stunning figurehead in Scottish wildlife having overcome many years of persecution. Some 50 years ago it returned from extinction and began to breed and now over 100 pairs breed in Scotland and can be observed at visitor centres operated by the RSPB, the Forestry Commission and the Scottish Wildlife Trust. The RSPB and Forestry Commission Visitor Centres are part of the Green Tourism Business Scheme. Details of these centres are outlined below.

The greatest threat to these birds is no longer persecution in Scotland but persecution in other countries, the loss of habitat in Africa and the effects of climate change.

The associated video clip demonstrates the loss of trees through climate change which has caused the trees to be killed by salt damage.

You can make a difference by supporting trees4africa by sponsoring the tree planting, help educate local African communities to value trees and protect their wildlife in Gambia.By sponsoring tree planting you are also helping to reduce your impact on the environment. Why not travel to see Ospreys in Gambia and join them at their winter destination? Also, please take time to calculate your travel emissions and work out how many trees would be sufficient to plant to reduce your global warming impact.
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