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Year of Release 2005. This year represents the turning of the tide.
Give us the humility to accept the things we cannot change, and give us the courage to change to change the things we can
and give us the wisdom to know the difference.
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Angels in Green and Gold
I saw an angel she was wearing green and gold
She seemed a stranger to me from a long forgotten road
Her eyes a quiet resting place for a long lost soul
A beauty grows it lights a face for you are a glorious goal
My duty yearns for a small space to fill that empty hole
Within your halls I’ll sleep and dream and make a place for peace
My heart it beats in tune with yours my spirit is released
I want my heart back
I want to lose the black
I need my soul back
I need to find a true-life track
Hear my pleas my angel dear
For I need release from fear
Let my soul sing for the beauty I bring
Let my heart ring out for the truth needs an out
I feel tired from life I see no release
I see a new light but I can find no peace
Torment hunts me
Lost souls haunt me
Cliffs below me
Mountains awe me
Friends ignore me
The world abhors me
So Whats the story
Dawn comes in Awesome Glory
You saw an alien when I saw an angel
When I saw opportunity all you saw was danger
You saw an error where I saw the truth
You looked in a mirror and I looked back at you
You played the fool when l learned wisdom
You denied the issue where I faced the problem
For you the glass half empty for me a thirst was met
You wished to own it all when I sought to end the debt
To you, you felt the loss when all I felt release
You want to control when all I want is peace
When you took I got and when you lost I gave
You avoid your fears while I learn to be brave
In the end you came to end when I became beginning
And all you felt was cursed while I was feeling blessings
So this is the last of my releasing poems
I will give you some more but only once you’ve paid
Towards all the goodwill given.
These words are mine and not for free
Because they come from more than me
I got them from all the clan
From our green tourism,
As well as another group
Who are preparing our further route
You cannot steal these poems from us
You may link this site to your own
Do not mislead because we’ll know
Put my name its Jon Anon on any that you use
Not because I want the fame but avoid a tricksters ruse
There are some further websites, their stories to be shared.
We need to talk, you need to give
You need to recognise, that to work through me
Will help you win your worthy prize

Angels in Green and Gold